Why not swap to Fairtrade Baobab jam?

  • 02
  • Mar
  • 2010

What’s your swap this Fairtrade Fortnight? Right now, consumers in the UK and Ireland are being asked to trade their usual purchases (groceries, cosmetics, clothing, toys and linens) for fairtrade versions. So this year, why not try something new, like swapping your ordinary jam for Yozuna’s Fairtrade African Baobab Fruit Jam. Packed with a nutritional punch, African Baobab Fruit Jam has won awards for its gorgeous taste. Not only is delicious, this jam is organic, healthy and every mouthful helps people in Africa to make a living from protecting and sustainably harvesting baobab trees. Try some today! You can get the Fairtrade African Baobab Fruit jam delivered to your door from Yozuna.com.

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