Chef Peter Gordon working with baobab

  • 19
  • Oct
  • 2010

When foodies and critics discuss the merits of ‘fusion cuisine’, you know they’re open to the possibilities of what is possible when mixing ingredients from one or more cuisines with another. Often called Con-Fusion Cuisine in the past, we are now looking at a new appreciation for the global pantry.

Peter Gordon is a New Zealander who has lived in London for over 21 years, and he is one of the world’s most prominent figures in fusion cooking and a chef who has recently begun experimenting with baobab. Peter’s most recent cookery book Fusion: A Culinary Journey showcases his travelling adventures and inventiveness in the kitchen, and in his stories and recipes he demonstrates the global scale of his gastronomic influences. His decision to develop recipes using baobab is another example of his openness to unusual ingredients and is further tribute to the potential of baobab as an exotic, high-quality food product.

Peter co-owns, and is executive chef at, The Providores and Tapa Room restaurant in Marylebone, and it’s the perfect stage for baobab to make its fine-dining debut in the UK. The restaurant opened in 2001 and since then has forged a reputation as the leading fusion restaurant in the UK. Peter is also involved in restaurants in New Zealand and Turkey, and helped set up a Michelin starred restaurant in New York, so he gets to travel widely, always in search of new flavours and ingredients. His menus play host to an array of creative and delicious dishes, combining flavours and textures from varying countries, but always with the highest quality food as the hero of the dish.

Peter’s understanding of ingredients and his unique style of creating dishes make him a peerless partner for baobab and the result of his playfulness is likely to be more exquisite dishes for which he is justifiably renowned.

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