Aneesh Popat The Chocolatier takes baobab challenge

  • 12
  • Oct
  • 2013

Renowned London based chocolate alchemist, and chocolatier to royalty, Michelin starred restaurants and luxury hotels, Aneesh Popat took the baobab challenge at the Eden project today. Making a delicious concoction of chocolate, baobab banana and spin sugar, Popat wowed audiences and tickled their tastebuds. With unusual combinations such as baobab and raspberry, and baobab and praline Popat took the challenge head on.

I just think if nature gives you something really nutritious like baobab to eat, if course it’s going to taste delicious

said Aneesh, who is also a philosophy graduate. As the final part of the challenge, Popat sculpted a baobab tree out of chocolate.

Aneesh Popat The Chocolatier takes baobab challenge

Africa on a plate: Caramelised bananas and baobab milk chocolate, ganache, milk chocolate baobab sable, raspberries, pistachio and caramelised coconut.


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