A kind of Magic

  • 19
  • Aug
  • 2010

For as long as man hath walked the earth and cultivated the fields, he hath drawn sustenance and comfort from uncooked food when the Aga hath broken or the gas hath been cut off.

Times, though, they have a-changed and ‘raw food’ is no longer the last resort but a trendy food movement spawning hip restaurants and new exciting recipe books from the UK’s raw food guru Kate Magic. Advocates swear by the health giving properties and improved nutrition that a raw food diet can provide.

Entitled Raw Magic, Kate’s third book is the world’s first to focus on raw ‘superfood’ recipes and includes some of the food Kate has created. Kate has also recently developed recipes using baobab. Raw chocolate brownies and a vegan mayonnaise are both baobab infused, though happily Kate stops short of suggesting eating them together.

There are around 160 other recipes in Raw Magic to try, as well as a guide to ‘superfoods’ and a section dedicated to Kate’s raw food philosophy. Kate will be talking about her book, raw food and baobab at this year’s Festival of Life. To learn more about Kate Magic and her approach to raw food, visit http://www.rawliving.eu.

The seventh Festival of Life takes place on the 25th of September at Conway Hall in Holborn, London. More information on the festival and exhibitors can be found at http://www.festivaloflife.net Come and meet us there!

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