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  • 18
  • Oct
  • 2013

Baobab At The Eden Project

Last week Urvashi Roe was at The Eden Project for their Harvest Festival. What a great weekend it was. She was in the Harvest Demo Dome talking to people about Baobab and of course demonstrating some dishes to try.

This superfruit is cropping up all over the place as its health benefits – long-known in Africa – are being recognised by us health conscious Westerners. The fruit comes from the ancient Baobab tree and contains a powder with tonnes of vitamin C – six times more than an orange actually.

Urvashi took the Baobab challenge

She was challenged by the team at Eden to create some recipes using the Baobab powder. She opted for one sweet and one savoury. As you may know if you follow Urvashi she has an abundance of courgettes from the allotment so she experimented with it in some Courgette Bhajias . They were amazing! She was so surprised at how the citrusy flavour merged with the lemon in the recipe to give it a really unusual tang. She served these with some Tomato and Baobab Chutney.

Courgette Bhajias on beautiful blue plate

Courgette Bhajias

Sticking to the courgette theme I also served up a Chocolate Brownie Cake with Baobab and Chocolate Frosting and some hot Baobab Blueberries. It went down very well with the folk who came to see the demo. The Baobab in the frosting replaced the need for cream cheese making the topping much lighter – a perfect blend for the hot blueberries on top.

Courgette and Chocolate Brownie with Baobab and Chocolate Frosting and Hot Baobab Blueberries

Courgette and Chocolate Brownie with Baobab and Chocolate Frosting and Hot Baobab Blueberries

The quiet but incredibly brave Rosby from Malawi

A highlight for herwas meeting Rosby from the Baobab project in Malawi. Rosby had never been away from her village before and Urvashi wondered what it must have felt like to her being in England. One thing Rosby did tell her was that she did not realise all the health benefits and that she’d be educating the folk back home.

Rosby Mthinda from Malawi

Rosby Mthinda from Malawi

Eden supports villagers like Rosby in Malawi to harvest the fruit powder which is then sold in the Eden shop. Some money goes to PhytoTrade Africa , who help support rural harvesters and producers across southern Africa. There is also a Baobab tree in the Rainforest Biodome with a Baobab Smoothie Bar close by so you can get a glassful of the health benefits while you walk round.

So if you’re already feeling sniffly with the cold autumnal weather,it’s worth hunting down some of this powder. Sprinkle it on your morning muesli and you’ll be well on your way to beating the colds and flus off.

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